Saffron Quality

Quality Check

Aiming to deliver only premium quality saffron to you

We select only the premium saffron crop each year and test as well as analyse each batch produced. We have dedicated laboratories to test the smell and colour of saffron to make it at par with the international standards.

Every strand of saffron we deliver to you passes through close examination by experienced quality testers of the industry. All our testers are given proper pieces of training and are trained with the latest technologies to test saffron for its quality and richness. All tests performed to address the microbial and chemical parts of saffron testing.

Types Of Saffron

At AbuSaffron, we provide you with a plethora of saffron types. Each type is readily checked for their quality and aroma, and only the best is delivered to you.

Super Negin

Testing Quality

Peerless processing to provide unmatched results

The Kesar or Saffron you get is not what it looks like in the initial stages. Highly-skilled individuals perform the conversion of Saffron flower to our world-acclaimed saffron. The “lachcha” which is a collective term for Stigma and style are separated from each other.

The Stigma or the red portion of the flower is what is known as saffron. The style or the yellow part of the flower is known as yellow Stigma. It is kept separately for the buyers looking for such a product. Both parts have exclusive benefits and are used in several places for their health benefits.

AbuSaffron Taste

Giving your food an unmatched taste making it a relishing delicacy

If you are looking to make your food both tasty as well as healthy, then a pinch of saffron to it could do wonders. We provide you with top-notch quality of saffron which could make your food filled with a fantastic aroma, making the diner fall in love with it.

The food will not only have that taste and aroma of saffron, but it would also have its health benefits. Saffron is known to give glow to your skin as it is full of anti-oxidants. Research claims that the spice is also effective in fighting cancer, improve stress-related issues and mollify your PMS symptoms. Truly a worthy spice to taste.