About AbuSaffron

Why Choose Us?

From the purple little flowers to your delicious kitchens.

Get the finest Saffron, the king of spices from the rich lands of Kashmir.

Finest quality.

Abu Saffron believes in giving out the premium quality saffron and with the years of experience we promise you to give the best quality, premium saffron.

Fresh Kesar from the farms.

Kesar is a rare and special spice. We provide you with the freshest and the finest Kesar from the famous Saffron gardens in Kashmir.

Finest saffron.

Finest saffron comes with right thickness, length, colour and we give you the finest quality of them all.

Bulk or in small; your needs, our Saffron.

No matter what your needs are, we provide saffron in bulk quantity, as well as in small packings as per your needs.

About Our Company

Unmatched quality saffron with premium processing sent to your doorsteps

Kesar is a rich spice and Kashmir is a major producer of it. We provide you with the finest Kesar or Saffron from the rich lands of Kashmir. Abu Saffron believes in pureness, as we reflect in our business and in the quality of saffron we give.

With years of experience in exporting and importing saffron from various parts of the world. We share this happiness, that’s why we give you the saffron as you need. In the right reddish colour and long strands with the correct thickness, just as you like it.


Trusted quality

The best quality saffron approved by the experts.


International standards

Importing and exporting the fresh and fine Kesar.

AbuSaffron Process


Best soil for best results

Grown naturally in the perfectly suited soil for the Saffron plants.


Only the best grown

Nurtures the plants to grow the best quality flower for the best quality saffron.


Hand-picked quality

Hand plucks the best flowers from the saffron farms.


Processed to perfection

Removes the stigma of the right colour and quality to give you the purest and the finest form of saffron.