About Abu Saffron

Find the best quality premium Saffron from the finest saffron farms in Kashmir.

We at AbuSaffron provide you with the purest quality of saffron from the fields of Kashmir bringing the unique benefits the herb provides to you. Use the product to live a healthy life.

Saffron is rich in many nutrients and Kashmir’s Saffron is quite famous all across the whole. Get the finest quality of the original Saffron with long and thick strands with the right colour and the right taste. Abu Saffron is one of the finest dealers of Saffron that brings the best quality saffron to you.


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Abu Saffron Key Features


Premium Quality

The quality of the saffron cannot be compromised, get the best premium quality saffron with the right colour and taste.


100% organic Kesar

Get saffron from the famous Kesar farms in Kashmir, completely organic and with the best quality.


Fresh Product

Get the rich and original Kesar hand-plucked from the Kesar farms.


100% purity guaranteed

The long and thick saffron strands for purity and quality product to give you the correct taste and correct colour.


Super healthy

It is only healthy when it is original and Abu Saffron provides you both with premium quality Kesar.


Great for health

Rich and powerful spice for a healthy life which improves moods, even recommended by the dieticians to include it in your diet.

AbuSaffron Cultivators

The premium quality saffron spice, with long strands and the right colour with the proper thickness for good and better health.

Saffron or Kesar is a powerful spice plucked from the famous Kashmir’s Kesar farms. It is high in antioxidants and has many health benefits. To give the purest form of saffron, it is cultivated with hands from the farms. Harvested in the winter season, to provide you with the best quality and fresh saffron throughout the year.

Saffron is derived from the saffron crocus, rarely found flower and from that flower, the long, tick and orange strands of purest Saffron is derived. To get the premium quality product the flowers are cultivated at the right time with proper care. Skilled labourers and farmers make it possible to give us the purest and the finest saffron spice.

Saffron has many health benefits and it is recommended even by the doctors to include it in your diet. Derived from purple flowers every year to give you the best premium quality saffron. Approved by the scientists and the food experts to use in your food and diet.


AbuSaffron Process


Best soil for best results

Grown naturally in the perfectly suited soil for the Saffron plants.


Only the best grown

Nurtures the plants to grow the best quality flower for the best quality saffron.


Hand-picked quality

Hand plucks the best flowers from the saffron farms.


Processed to perfection

Removes the stigma of the right colour and quality to give you the purest and the finest form of saffron.

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